About Yuno Pearls

Established in 1994, the company is exclusively dealing in import, production, trade and export of jewellery made of natural pearls. The Yuno Pearls brand is already well known on the Bulgarian market, and the clients appreciate its dedication to that specific type of jewellery – pearl jewellery. The trust of our clients is very important to us, and we have been standing for it for almost two decades now. The good name we have established on the jewellery market is due to the high quality, the outstanding precision of our work, and competitive prices of our products.

The company’s goal and philosophy is to reveal the charm of the natural pearls to the people who appreciate fine jewellery, and to give each and every woman a chance to sense the beauty and perfection of pearls. As far as dealers are concerned, Yuno is a strong partner guaranteeing security, reliability and foreseeable business development.

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The pearls of Yuno Pearls


Every pearl is different and unique – just like people. In our collections we rely on the uniqueness and the custom design of the jewellery, and try to achieve innovative and memorable appearance. That is how the remarkable, diverse and stylish jewellery under the Yuno pearls brand is created. Modern, innovative or classic, the pearl jewellery of Yuno pearls provides a wide variety of choice for each and every lady – no matter whether she prefers classic, sporty of elegantly-extravagant appearance.


Yuno pearls use the full spectrum of colours and forms of the natural pearls for making unique jewellery for different tastes and a sense of luxury. Classic or avant-garde, the models could be made of white, pink, violet, peacock blue, cream-coloured, golden, brown or silver pearls with various shapes – round, oval, semi-spherical, teardrop-shaped, pear-shaped and Baroque. Yuno pearls offer classic jewels of Japanese and Tahitian sea pearls, as well as designers’ combinations of freshwater pearls with white and yellow gold, diamonds, rhodium- plated silver 925, semiprecious stones, Swarovski crystals, leather, and steel.


Nowadays, pearls are better and more beautiful than ever! Only naturally cultivated pearls of high and middle class are used for the production of Yuno pearls jewellery. Each product of Yuno pearls comes with a quality certificate that guarantees the natural origin of the pearls and the probe of the other materials. The perfect gift is finished with a luxury package.

Affordable luxury

Through the ages, pearls were worn only by rich and noble people. Today, however, women all over the world could afford them due to the method of their cultivation. The quality and size of pearls create the wide price variety of our jewellery. That makes Yuno pearls an attractive brand for clients with different requirements and resources.

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